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Book Review

Book Title The Brain That Changes Itself
Reviewer Hoffman, Ryan
Book Author Doidge, Norman
Difficulty Rating accessible to a wide range of readers
Publisher Penguin
Year Published 2008
Short Review or Summary of Longer .pdf Review
This book presents a lucidly written and accessible introduction to the clinical applications of current models in neuroscience. Injuries or other challenges that were previously thought to be incurable are now being treated, leveraging some of the cutting-edge research. Unfortunately, the book relies on some flawed premises, makes some very questionable assertions, including the assertion of many parallels between psychoanalysis and neuroscience. The book is entertaining but not a good introduction to the underlying neuroscience.
Topics: Neuroscience
Case Studies
Available at: http://www.feldscinet.org/articles/B00118.pdf
fileName rev-tbtci.pdf

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